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Machine learning (ML) can deliver enormous value to a company. But when leaders hear “enormous value from machine learning,” they often imagine a journey to ML maturity that’s too complex, expensive and lengthy to even begin.

But what if you had an easier option? An incremental approach that starts with technology and resources you already have can earn the buy-in and funding you need to create the advanced ML capability you desire.  

Many enterprise applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics, include ML capabilities out of the box (OOTB). Once you identify the existing applications you have with embedded ML and select the right use cases, you can begin integrating them into your larger operations, piece by piece. That helps you overcome the hurdles of limited budgets, resources and expertise while still delivering valuable intelligence and automation to your business.

This approach often earns you the right to do more with ML by demonstrating value faster and with less up-front risk, effort and in-house expertise.

What You Will Learn

During this webinar, ML experts will share their knowledge about how to simplify your approach to ML, including:

  • How to pursue OOTB embedded ML to advance your capabilities
  • The guardrails commonly seen in OOTB ML and how to configure an OOTB model
  • An example of how to benefit from ML capabilities already embedded in one common application, Microsoft Dynamics
If you are a business or IT leader seeking to build cognitive capabilities with ML with less up-front investment and risk, then this webinar is for you.



Faisal Malik, Data & Analytics Practice Lead, Centric Consulting

Faisal Malik co-leads our Data & Analytics practice with over 28 years of industry experience focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning competency. Faisal develops and refines strategies across a range of business processes, functional disciplines and industries, helping partners develop insights and fostering long-term business relationships with them.

Anthony Lung, National Tech Lead for Machine Learning and Data Science, Centric Consulting

Anthony Lung is our National Tech Lead for Machine Learning and Data Science with over 20 years of experience helping companies drive sustainable business value through machine learning and advanced analytics​. His expertise focuses on Data Science, Six Sigma, Change Leadership and Information Technology and spans many industries, including insurance, healthcare, financial services, energy and utilities, and US military.

What You Will Learn

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