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We live in the age of transformation, where business evolution isn’t a one-and-done task. Today’s business transformation must occur in an agile, iterative way, which means changing everything from how your employees think to how your company delivers to its customers.

What You Will Learn

In our ebook, “Rethinking Business Transformation: Build Business Agility Throughout Your Organization To Keep Pace With Rapid Change,” you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s necessary to establish a new strategy and vision for your agile business transformation journey
  • How business architecture plays a critical role in aligning and integrating your people, process, metrics and technology
  • The steps companies need to take to deliver business and technology solutions using agile
  • Why you need a culture of change that embraces business transformation
  • What the future of enterprise portfolio management will look like in an agile business
To truly transform your business in today’s climate, it’s essential you recognize that business transformation must be agile. Otherwise, you’ll watch as competitors threaten to topple your business.

Read this guide to avoid such a fate and get started on the right path.