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Should companies pay for Zoom when they also have Microsoft Teams? Probably not.

If your organization has purchased Zoom (or other video conferencing applications like WebEx or GoToMeeting) and already has Microsoft Teams, you may not be making the most of your Microsoft 365 investment.

It’s understandable that some companies are reluctant to go “all in” with using Microsoft Teams for internal and external meetings. But once there's a better understanding of Teams vs. Zoom, often times organizations discover they can reduce cost, improve security and enhance the employee experience.

Going “all in” with Teams will increase ROI of the Microsoft 365 platform, decrease costs and reduce confusion for employees.

What You Will Learn

In this webinar, enterprise collaboration expert Michael McNett will explain the various factors that may create hesitance to fully embrace Microsoft Teams and why eliminating Zoom is probably the right decision for your organization.

During the session Michael shares:

  • why using Microsoft Teams for meetings or live events can be better than Zoom.
  • the options for meetings offered within Teams and when to use what.
  • steps to take to increase the value of Microsoft 365 for your company.
  • best practices for hosting meetings with external users.
  • future enhancements of Teams that will make the experience an even better investment.
This session is for you if you'd like to explore whether or not using Microsoft Teams for your company's video conferencing needs is the right decision.



Michael McNett, Enterprise Collaboration Practice Teamwork Lead, Centric Consulting

David Branscome, Modern Work & Security Architect, Microsoft