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Is your organization equipped to respond to changing business dynamics in a flexible, adaptive and rapid manner? This is what we define as “business agility” which enables companies to transform faster.

To stay ahead of today’s ever-changing market conditions, everyone within an organization must be prepared to handle change and transformation in real time.

Achieving this nimbleness begins by building a “culture of agility,” allowing teams to collaborate across organizational boundaries with ease, flexibility and speed to create rapid value. 

What You Will Learn

In this webinar learn what company culture looks like for organizations with strong business agility and how leaders can position more successful transformations by building a culture of agility. Centric Consulting’s People, Change and Transformation experts will share:

  • What a culture of agility is and its value to your organization
  • The six cultural strengths needed to build business agility into your company’s culture
  • Practical tips to put this into action so your company can support transformations effectively and swiftly

Whether your company is pivoting its business operations to embrace virtual work, developing new products or undergoing digital transformation efforts, a culture of agility will support the ongoing change necessary to thrive.



Deb Peluso, People & Change Co-Lead, Centric Consulting

Deb had more than 20 years of experience as both an internal and external consultant, working across industries such as healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, government, hospitality and utilities. Deb is passionate about using high engagement approaches to facilitate whole system alignment, commitment and momentum for change that drives sustainable results. 

Steve Jenkins, People & Change Co-Lead, Centric Consulting

Over the past 20 years, Steve has worked in diverse roles where he led strategic business initiatives, business transformation, organization redesign, talent management, leadership development, workforce integration and transition. 

Tayo Switzer, Senior People & Change Consultant, Centric Consulting

Tayo Switzer is a consultant with our National People and Change Practice and is focused on leadership effectiveness, organizational culture and executive team performance. Tayo gained twenty years of experience working as a leadership and organization development consultant for two Fortune 500 companies and one of the largest academic institutions in the country.