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“When the pandemic first hit, were you and your leadership team scrambling only to find that your business continuity plans were insufficient?

Many companies quickly realized how unprepared they were to operate as a fully digital organization. . . . Customers and employees prefer multiple channels of engagement, including a strong, integrated digital experience. Of those who are using digital channels for the very first time, 75 percent state they will continue to use them once everything is normal.’ . . . . The path forward is clear: to survive and thrive, companies must transform their organization into a digital-first company.” 

-- Larry English, President, Centric Consulting

Are you ready to succeed in 
our digital-first world? Business Anywhere can help. 

Business Anywhere is the custom framework you need to maximize customer engagement, workforce transformation, business operations and enterprise services for digital execution.

Built on our 20+ years of remote work experience, it includes six critical, interdependent components: customer experience, process, technology, information, structure and people. 

In this white paper, we lay out our approach to providing the perspective and major components needed to become a more modern organization.

It involves creating an inventory of pain points and opportunities, and then identifying barriers and solutions to achieving your digital-first vision.

What You Will Learn

For each of the six Business Anywhere components, we will explain:

  • What it is and why it matters
  • How you can envision your Business Anywhere future
  • What you need to assess
  • Your first steps 
  • How we have puour Business Anywhere concepts to work for clients 

We then describe how you can build a long-term roadmap for Business Anywhere success, as well as a short-term execution plan with clear first steps for near-term changes.


What You Will Learn

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