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Application development with low-code/no-code tools is here to stay. But without the right emphasis on user experience and the digital design process, you risk releasing apps that don’t achieve your business objectives.

Putting user experience (UX) first is the best way to ensure that citizen developers will create meaningful solutions.

Citizen developers who build apps on the fly, outside of the traditional application development lifecycle, are less likely to create solutions that result in positive first impressions and faster user adoption.

But citizen developers who have the right skills, aptitudes and capabilities for usability and digital design practices are more likely to make good products that flourish.

In addition, incorporating UX practitioners into the design process will help citizen developers to maximize their apps’ impact on the business and improve ROI on your investment in low-code/no-code toolsets.

What You Will Learn

During this webinar, our experience design (XD) and low-code/no-code tool experts explore:

  • The benefits of applying design principles and UX practitioners to citizen development initiatives
  • How a formal governance program for incorporating UX into citizen development helps build desirable apps that achieve business outcomes
No matter your citizen development or UX maturity level, you’ll benefit greatly from better understanding the role UX and XD play in your application development lifecycle, and why it matters.



Christine Pearce, Experience Design Expert, Centric Consulting

Brian Schwartz, Experience Design Senior Architect, Centric Consulting

Roger Dominguez, Experience Design Expert, Centric Consulting

What You Will Learn

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