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Is citizen development a part of your organization’s strategy for solution development and productivity? It should be. 

Citizen developers are non-IT workers who can create apps to solve business and technology issues, even if they may not know how to write code and do not have any formal schooling in technology fields.

Competitive organizations take a proactive approach to utilizing these untapped resources to solve business problems faster, relieve the IT backlog and foster innovation.

So how can companies using Salesforce take advantage of the citizen developer movement?

Many organizations using Salesforce don’t realize they already have workers who know both Salesforce and their business needs well enough to become citizen developers.

Because Salesforce built its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution on its Lightning Platform, it is the perfect opportunity for citizen development. It’s just a matter of understanding how to put citizen developers to work in the most effective way.

What You Will Learn

Join Salesforce experts during this webinar to see how to create citizen developers using the Salesforce Lightning Platform and understand the best use cases for building high-impact apps and solutions.

Learn how citizen development can enhance your Salesforce user experience and processes to improve ROI and shorten release cycles.

The following will be covered:

  • What is citizen development and who should be a Salesforce citizen developer?
  • Overview of the Salesforce Platform and Salesforce Lightning (including Lightning Flows, Process Builders, Lightning Pages, etc.)
  • Demonstration of citizen development utilizing Lightning Flows to reassign prospect accounts by postal code
  • Examples of potential ROI achievable with citizen development using Salesforce

If you are a Sales, Marketing, IT, Project or Process leader seeking to gain more efficiency and faster solution building from your Salesforce platform, you won't want to miss this webinar!


What You Will Learn

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