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Companies expect platforms like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to make communication and collaboration easy, secure, and accessible across all levels of the organization.

However, achieving this can be complicated. Business and IT leaders are tasked with promoting the autonomy employees need for sharing and consuming information while also having the proper guardrails necessary to keep data safe and secure.

Adoption suffers from too much or too little governance because end-users are frustrated and ultimately revert to their traditional, inefficient collaboration and communication methods.

That’s where third-party tools like Orchestry can help make good governance easier to achieve while still providing a positive user experience.

What You Will Learn

During this live webinar Microsoft experts from Centric Consulting and Orchestry will share:

  • How to achieve balance between adoption and governance in Microsoft Teams
  • An introduction to Microsoft Viva and how it should be governed
  • How to drive real Microsoft Teams adoption and how Teams plays an essential part in the Microsoft 365 story for end-users
  • How Orchestry can automate the creation, reporting and archival of Teams, Groups and SharePoint sites
We’ll share a demonstration of how Orchestry helps increase adoption of Teams and SharePoint by empowering IT Administrators and end-users through a flexible, enforceable governance model that works for all employees.

Attendees will gain an understanding of how this tool can be easily implemented and how it helps with new Teams and SharePoint deployments and previously uncontrolled deployments that organizations are seeking to regain control over.

If you are a Business leader, IT leader, or an advanced Microsoft 365 user seeking to better understand how to leverage Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to boost adoption and ROI, you won’t want to miss this event!


What You Will Learn

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