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Are you using Microsoft's Power Platform within your Dynamics 365 environment?

Dynamics 365 (D365) is more powerful than ever when natively integrated with the Power Platform applications: Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents and Power BI.

Taking advantage of the Power Platform will strengthen workstreams, improve user experience, and shorten project timelines.

D365 administrators can be empowered to build end-to-end, low code business solutions with Power Platform applications, increasing the business value of Dynamics 365 and citizen developers can partner with Dynamics administrators to build complex low code solutions that once required programmers to deliver. 

What You Will Learn

During this webinar, Microsoft experts will cover:

  • The Power Platform and the interoperability of Microsoft’s business applications solution ecosystem
  • The true ‘power’ of connecting the Power Platform with Dynamics 365
  • The role citizen developers should play in the realm of Dynamics 365
  • How leveraging the pre-built approval connector within Power Automate can automate and accelerate approval processes in Dynamics
  • How citizen developers can build surveys within Customer Voice and how Dynamics can manage the survey results and produce actionable steps to follow up with the customer
View this Microsoft power hour to view a demonstration that will help leaders visualize how Power Platform’s automation capabilities can be utilized within Dynamics 365.

Attendees will gain an understanding of how to develop transactional approvals with Power Automate and how to effectively measure customer satisfaction with D365 Customer Voice, Power Automate, Dynamics 365 and Power BI.

If you are a business leader, IT leader, or an advanced Dynamics 365 administrator seeking to better understand how using Microsoft Power Platform within Dynamics 365 can enhance workstreams and solve business challenges, then you won’t want to miss this event.


What You Will Learn

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