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When everyone in the organization, and not just IT, has access to tools that can solve business challenges quickly, the entire organization and its customers benefit. The Microsoft Power Platform is one such toolbox, allowing business and IT experts to intuitively create the applications and features they need and to swiftly deploy them.

By extending the organization’s capabilities beyond traditional IT employees, this low-code platform can reduce the IT backlog and increase productivity among all employees. However, realizing these benefits requires understanding the capabilities of each application within Power Platform and the common business scenarios for utilizing citizen development.

Our Power Platform experts will use Power Apps and Power Automate to build a mixed-reality mobile application based on a 3D model. They will then capture pictures of the model, and send them to SharePoint and Teams.

While such a niche feature may be a less common use case than a basic forms automation, we chose it so you can visualize how the creation of a seemingly complex application can take place in less than half an hour. See firsthand how Power Platform is not just for IT — and it’s not as challenging or time-consuming to build solutions as many would think.

What You Will Learn

In short, our demonstration will show:

  • how to build a solution that would traditionally only be in the realm of IT, proving how rapidly apps can be developed using Power Platform
  • how Microsoft Power Platform allows business users to easily create solutions that increase efficiency and mobility throughout the larger organization
  • how combining Power Apps and Power Automate leads to app-building simplicity as well as speed
If you are a business or IT leader seeking to enhance productivity, empower team members to solve their own business challenges, or better understand what’s possible using Microsoft Power Platform, then you won’t want to miss this webinar!



Jo Karnes, Enterprise Collaboration Senior Architect, Centric Consulting

Brit Kwait, Enterprise Collaboration Senior Manager, Centric Consulting