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Would your company be better off if internal projects could be completed faster?

We all know the answer is yes. But, it’s difficult to fathom freeing up time and completing more projects when the demand for applications and solutions only grows by the day.

That’s why companies are beginning to use citizen development. It empowers employees to build the tools they need without depending on the software experts in IT to get it done. Most companies could clear about 40% of the current IT backlog if the appropriate citizen developer tools were put in place.

Join us as we discuss how citizen development is improving productivity, accelerating innovation, and freeing up IT groups to focus on the most business-critical applications and solutions.

What You Will Learn

During this two-part webinar series, experts and business leaders who specialize in creating and empowering citizen developers will share:

  • What citizen development means and why it’s important to both business and IT
  • Who can (and should) be a citizen developer
  • How to know if citizen development is the right fit
  • Four ways to have successful citizen development initiatives
  • Establishing a center of excellence to create proper governance, security, and adoption over citizen development
This webinar is the beginning of a series of discussions that will explain how organizations can use citizen development to gain a competitive edge. We’ll conclude each webinar with a Q&A session to ensure you have a solid foundation.



Joe Hartsel, National Modern Workplace Practice Lead, Centric Consulting

Brit Kwait, Senior Manager Modern Workplace, Centric Consulting

Jo Karnes, Senior Architect, Centric Consulting

What You Will Learn

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