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Just as a racecar is carefully built and expertly tuned for speed and precision performance on the track, Microsoft Teams can help streamline work and encourage cross-team collaboration.

But, to experience more optimal results and achieve a better return on investment, your organization must introduce a clear strategy for security and compliance, as well as a detailed governance plan that observes business rules and ensures the application is well tuned to the needs of the organization.

What You Will Learn

This ebook describes eight steps that will help guide your organization on the path to success with Microsoft Teams. You’ll learn how to:

  • Engage Your Governance Leadership Team and Stakeholders
  • Assemble an Experienced Implementation Team
  • Assess and Strategize
  • Create Security & Compliance Policies
  • Create Global Governance Policies
  • Launch a Pilot
  • Lead Enterprise Deployment and Monitoring
  • Scale Up Your Teams Experience
As a bonus, our ebook also includes a Security and Governance Reference Guide that details configuration rules for Teams.