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Download our white paper to learn how beacons are revolutionizing customer engagement and accelerating big data initiatives to improve service delivery.

Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to better integrate mobile, social media, data analytics and cloud into their offerings and processes. With wireless sensors known as beacons, companies can now combine all these initiatives to create a more seamless and
engaging customer experience.

Centric’s white paper, “ A Case for Connection: Redefining the Real-Time Customer Experience With Beacons,” explores the power of beacons and offers some advice for how you can make beacons part of your own strategy and product roadmap.

In this paper you’ll discover:

  • Explanations on what beacons are and insight into why they matter, particularly for non-technology companies.
  • Examples of how other companies are leveraging beacons to provide customers with unique and personalized experiences.
  • Practical tips for getting started with beacons and integrating this technology into your initiatives.

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