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Your competitors know that machine learning is an essential part of the modern business landscape, and they are betting on its power to cut their costs and erode your market position.

According to the 2020 State of AI and Machine Learning report, between 2019 and 2020 alone, the percentage of business executives responsible for machine learning initiatives increased from 39% to 70%.

But how do you take the risk out of your machine learning investment and use this powerful technology to drive tangible return on investment?

What You Will Learn

In this webinar, data and analytics expert Jeff Kanel will speak to executives who want to increase their understanding of machine learning, maximize its benefits and overcome its challenges. Jeff will also cover the importance of:

  • providing value in production quickly
  • improving existing processes or engineering new ones
  • combining robotic process automation (RPA) to achieve hyperautomation
Most importantly, view this webinar to hear how to increase your odds for success on your machine learning projects.



Jeff Kanel, National Data and Analytics Practice Lead, Centric Consulting

Jeff is a business-oriented leader who brings more than 17 years of industry experience in IT project and team management. His background in statistical analysis, application development and the full data warehouse lifecycle gives him a distinct edge in managing a technical team.