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Do you know your customers? Are you sure? Like, sure sure? Can you afford to be wrong?

Most companies assume they know their customers, but in reality they’re often mistaken about customer needs and priorities. That leads to poor insights and, even worse, poor decision-making.

The ability to leverage insights from the growing complexity and diverse pool of available data is what separates market leaders from the pack. To reach high levels of customer-centricity, companies must emphasize the importance of customer understanding and execute the capabilities required to close the gap between perceived customer needs and the reality of what they want.

Getting there involves part research, part analysis and part distribution. As a result, companies become more customer inclusive while planning, designing and delivering better experiences that align with their strategies, products and services.

What You Will Learn

In this webinar, customer experience experts will explore what being customer-centric truly means and how to use the right customer insights to help your business thrive.

Topics covered:

  • The most common challenges and myths about customer understanding
  • How this capability fits into the world of research and insights
  • What you do when you don’t know where to start
  • How to mature your organization’s customer experience delivery to improve your overall customer experience

This webinar is designed for leaders seeking to improve customer satisfaction, increase product adoption, and close the gap between perceived customer expectations and reality.

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Colin McGee, Experience Design Practice Lead, Centric Consulting

Christine Pearce, Customer Research and Insights Expert, Centric Consulting

What You Will Learn

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