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Disruption is becoming part of everyday life in today’s world. Is your organization able to keep pace with the rapid change and transformation required to not just survive, but thrive?

Transformation is complex and no longer a singular or “every 5-year” event. Companies must build agility across all aspects of their organization to be able to transform on an ongoing basis and drive competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The collective disruptions (including the pandemic) are forcing companies to ride the wave of disruptions rather than drown in them and place a critical eye on re-imagining their business strategies. Rethinking business transformation will help you and your organization realize a new type of agility to help you thrive amidst constant change.

What You Will Learn

In this webinar, learn the components for making successful transformation an everyday reality. Centric Consulting’s People, Change and Transformation experts share:

  • How organizations should view and tackle business transformation in today’s business climate (it’s a journey, not a destination)
  • The challenges most companies face when transforming their organization
  • The six essential elements needed for successful, agile business transformation
Agile business transformation is complex and impacts your entire organization. Building the capabilities and culture to lead and execute business transformations in an agile way is critical for companies to compete in the future.



Darren Rehrer, Process Excellence National Practice Lead, Centric Consulting

Greg Klem, Business Consulting Services National Practice Lead, Centric Consulting

Deb Peluso, People & Change National Practice Lead, Centric Consulting